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Our services

We provide a wide range of services ensuring proper order and cleanliness in your place of residence or work. The services offered are provided in Warsaw and nearby areas. They can be performed either once or cyclically. The list of services provided is as follows:

Serwis sprzątający

  • Cleaning of apartments, houses, offices and other commercial premises in Warsaw and the surrounding area.
  • Providing basic cleaning products during the service at the Client's premises.
  • Washing dishes in the dishwasher when it is in the premises and by hand when necessary.
  • Washing clothes and other things in the washing machine and the ability to wash hand-held light, delicate things.
  • Wiping dust from table tops, kitchen cabinets, window sills, radiators and other objects.
  • Cleaning of glaze, fittings, washbasin, sink, bathtub, shower, bidet and toilet bowl.
  • Wash the microwave, stove, refrigerator, oven and other everyday devices.
  • Washing mirrors, windows and floors, and vacuuming carpets, floors and rugs.
  • Preparing basic meals after prior arrangement with the Client.
  • Additional home help related to making basic purchases or collecting a parcel.
  • Taking care of the house surroundings related to mowing the lawn, gardening and snow removal in winter.
  • Additional offered services, such as the disinfection of the premises with our sprinkler and agents.
  • Optionally, for an additional fee, we help to deal with small matters at the office, at the post office, etc.

Basic and extended services

Wide range of services
in the basic variant

Wide range of services
in the extended variant

We provide premises cleaning services depending on the client's needs in two variants: basic and extended. The basic variant includes washing dishes, washing bathroom fittings and household appliances, washing and vacuuming floors and wiping dust. In the extended variant, the service additionally includes washing and ironing clothes, washing windows, disinfecting the premises with a dedicated agent and providing own cleaning products. In addition, we offer care for the surroundings of the house by mowing the lawn, minor work in the garden, cleaning works and snow removal from the area around the house in winter. On request, we also offer non-standard services, such as cleaning after renovation, making purchases or sending and collecting a parcel at the post office.

This is how we work

We make every effort to carry out the duties entrusted to you as accurately as possible. We usually clean the household appliances using cleaning agents available in the premises. Dishwashing is carried out in the customer's dishwasher if it is in the place, while in the absence of the dishes are washed by hand. Laundry and ironing takes place in the client's apartment with the help of his appliances (washing machine, iron). For light and delicate fabrics, it is possible to wash by hand. It is the Client's responsibility to provide appropriate washing agents. Cooking and preparing simple meals is possible only after prior agreement with the Client. We usually do basic grocery shopping in the shop closest to the Client's premises. On request, purchases can be made in a store belonging to a particular retail network. By prior arrangement with the client, we can also help in dealing with minor matters, e.g. at the post office or in the office. After cleaning, the premises are disinfected with professional disinfectant.

This is how we value our services

Monthly cleaning
10% discount

Weekly cleaning
20% discount

Before performing the service, we make a valuation based on photos and information on the size of the apartment, the degree of dirt and the number of activities to be done. We normally work on the equipment and cleaning agents provided by the Client. On request, the cleaning person can carry basic cleaning products such as cleansing milk, dishwashing liquid, window cleaner, cloth and dishcloth. For an additional fee, we can purchase and deliver specialized cleaning products or small equipment. For all additional items purchased, we provide the customer with purchase receipts (receipts, invoices). We reserve the right to collect an advance before the order is completed. With constant cooperation, we give additional discounts on our services.

Additional fees charged

We appreciate the time and comfort of our customers by adapting the service deadline and the work system to individual needs. For services outside the administrative borders of the city of Warsaw we charge an additional fee of 40 zł for the ride. If there are pets in the premises on a daily basis, we will charge a 10% surcharge to the price of the service. For services carried out on the day before the public holiday we add an additional 20% commission to the price of the service. We also have the possibility to organise a cleaning service for the places located in other parts of the country. We will provide more information in a private message.

The area where we work

Free drive
within the city

We arrive to
neighboring towns

We provide our services within the administrative boundaries of the city of Warsaw and in the neighboring counties included in the Warsaw agglomeration, within the reach of Warsaw's public and suburban transport: Legionowo County, Wołomin County, Minsk Mazowiecki County, Otwock Connty, Piaseczno County, Pruszków County, Grodzisk Mazowiecki County and Warsaw West County. Detailed information on how to get to the facility is individually consulted with the Client.